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FRAM Market Mexico Program

The Mexican oil & gas market has, due to new legislation and energy reforms, become a very interesting market for non-Mexican operators and service companies. Technologies deployed in the US GoM and the North Sea market has a high probability for success in Mexico.
FRAM Market Mexico Program

FRAM Market Mexico is a new Innovation Norway program for Norwegian companies within the oil and gas services sector seeking to evaluate or expand its business in Mexico. The program is aimed at the Mexican onshore and offshore market, with Mexico City as the main hub.

Objective of the FRAM Market Mexico Program
The FRAM Program contributes to a faster realization of a company’s international ambitions within Mexico. The program focuses on achieving increased understanding of how to do business in the country and participating companies will spend most of their time interacting with potential clients and partners.

Program Focus
• Strengthen your market insight and test your products or services when meeting with potential clients and partners operating in Mexico and in the southern GoM market
• Develop, prepare and finalize elements of your Mexico Go-to-Market strategy to fit local requirements
• Within the timeframe of the program you should start working towards securing R&D contracts, field trials and/or commercial binding agreements/contracts – such achievements might take several years to accomplish
• Understand how to set up and do business in Mexico; IPR, contracting, legal structures, and the specific business culture of the country. Find the appropriate business model to develop growth in Mexico and get advice on how to best implement it

Why Participate
• The energy reform opens up for foreign investments/business opportunities not being available last 75 years
• Mexican government view Norway and Norwegian technology very well positioned for business in Mexico
• The main strategic objective of Pemex is to;
o increase hydrocarbons production by implementing best practices
o improve administration of fields in declination
o more efficient development of heavy crude oil fields
o accelerate production from new fields
• You have technology services or products for the business segment, and want stronger international growth
• You want to browse & explore the opportunities in Mexico /southern part of GoM market
• You look for R&D-partners within the Mexican oil and gas industry
• You want to build and confirm and/or implement your strategy
• You wish to strengthen your international market presence, look for sourcing/local production, and/or search for potential partners/agents in Mexico

What you get
• A Mexican oil and gas market report prepared by an external market research firm
• ~60 hours of individual advisory services thru FRAM Advisors in Norway
• A dedicated network with Norwegian case-companies that offer products and services in the sector
• Three 1-day seminars in Norway to prepare for upcoming visits to Mexico and to share experiences
• Two 1-week visits to Mexico City/del Carmen attending several tailor-made business meetings and networking sessions
• Meet with Mexico based operators, service companies and OEM’s as well as government representatives
• Attend key note presentations on key subjects like the Mexican oil and gas market, IPR, company set-up, local content, business culture and barriers to entry
• ~40 hours of support from external market research advisors in Mexico/Houston to help update the Go-to-Market strategy
• Attend lunch, dinner and business matchmaking events to build a personal network and to agree follow-up activities

Mexico Visits Overview
All visits will include facilitated meetings with a selected group of operators and service companies that are potential partners for development projects, technical guidance and commercial contracts. Technology personnel, operational personnel and management personnel will be represented in these meetings to maximize the value for the FRAM companies.

Visit 1: All companies arrive in June 2015 and attend several seminars covering topics relevant to the FRAM program such as Mexican IP and governmental regulations. There will be several tailor-made sessions with potential clients and partners. In addition there will also be a seminar where Norwegian entrepreneurs that successfully have built a Mexico /GoM business share their experiences

Companies may also be linked to a local mentor to help update their business plan and value offering

Visit 2: All companies arrive in November 2015 individually or in designated clusters to meet with potential clients and partners. This results in meetings with highly relevant players for each cluster in order to make the meetings as effective as possible.

The below overview illustrates some of the companies that will be included, several of which have already committed and are excited to be a partner of the program.


150215 FRAM Mexico - Flyer Ver 15 02 2015


This program is partly funded by Innovation Norway to secure the engagement of highly competent specialists and advisors.

Participation Fee
Participating companies pay 60.000,- NOK, plus accommodation, travel expenses and any exhibition fees.

Please contact us for more details.


Project manager:
Kjell Hilde CellPhone (+47) 913 47 976 kjell.hilde@nordcap.no

Project responsible:
Pål Kr. Haugetun CellPhone (+47) 934 46 707



The project will be undertaken in close cooperation with the IN office in Houston, with office manager Asbjørn Flo: Telefon (+1) 281 536-1449, asbjorn.flo@innovationnorway.no



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