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Hege Skryseth and Terje Søviknes to speak at SSV Conference 2017

Hege Skryseth is President of Kongsberg Digital, a subsidiary of KONGSBERG, specialized in digitized industry solutions. Skryseth also holds the positions of Chief Digital Officer of KONGSBERG, one of Norway’s leading technology corporations delivering high technology systems and solutions to clients within the oil and gas industry, merchant marine, defense and aerospace. Skryseth is part of the Group’s corporate management team. She also holds experience from several leading international technology companies and has an extensive board experience.

Mr. Søviknes was appointed Minister of Petroleum and Energy in December 2016. Since 1999, he has served as Mayor of Os municipality. He is a member of the Hordaland County Executive Board and a member of the Progress Party Group Steering Committee. He is also the leader of the Hordaland County Progress Party group and Board Member of Hordaland Progressive Party. Mr. Søviknes is an aqua engineer of education, and has studied economics at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

We are very pleased to welcome Hege Skryseth and the Minister to SSV Conference 2017!