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Scatec CEO John Andersen Jr, Gassnova CEO Trude Sundset and Dr. Mark C Thurber from Stanford University to speak at SSV Conference 2017!

How will solar and CCS shape the energy of tomorrow? What are the critical drivers to secure and innovate a sustainable energy future? We are pleased to present leading industry and academic experts that will present their views and discuss key issues facing the sector.

John Andersen, Jr. is the CEO of Scatec AS, a privately held incubator and investment company with its primary focus in renewable energy and material science. Mr. Andersen currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Scatec Solar ASA, a leading independent solar power producer with operations across Africa, Asia, the US and Europe. Scatec Solar ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.Mr. Andersen also serves and has served as Chairman of the Board and Director of several other companies within solar energy, wind energy, and material science.

Trude Sundset is CEO of Gassnova. She has 30 years business experience, and with key areas within energy, environment and climate issues. Her several years of management experience includes both management on corporate level, line management for large groups, R&D management as well as business development and oil/gas field development. Sundset holds a Master of Technology, Physical Chemistry, from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, Trondheim.

Mark C. Thurber is Associate Director of the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development (PESD) at Stanford University. The Program studies how policy and regulation intersect with business strategy, economics, and technology to determine global patterns of energy production and use (and the associated health, climate, and local environmental impacts).

We look forward to welcoming John Andersen Jr, Dr Mark C Thurber and Trude Sundset to SSV Conference 2017!