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About Us

Subsea Valley is a technology cluster and Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) in energy technology with a centre of gravity in the greater capital region of Norway. By offering infrastructure for collaboration, knowledge transfer and new insight, we help our members adapt to, benefit from, and contribute to an energy industry in transition.

Subsea Valley’s 200 members represent the entire value chain in the energy industry, ranging from big operators to small software companies, from established business players to start-ups, from research institutions to sales organisations. As Norway’s largest cluster, our members collectively employ more than 31 000 highly skilled professionals and create over 50 billion NOK in annual value added.

Subsea Valley connects people and ideas across industry, academia, finance and politics by offering meeting places and platforms for cooperation and knowledge sharing. We believe in the power of networks and that companies and institutions that collaborate are more innovative, more productive and more competitive.


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Subsea Valley is a subsea cluster that through collaboration increases member companies’ competitive advantage, through internationalisation and innovation. We welcome relevant new participants to the cluster.

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