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About Us

Subsea Valley is part of the Norwegian Innovation Clusters program. (NIC). The program is organized by Innovation Norway, in joint effort with Siva (The Industrial Development Corporation of Norway) and the Research Council of Norway.

Subsea Valley has close to 200 active participant companies in the capital region of Norway, and a total annual revenue of 70 bn NOK. The cluster nourishes a broad competence base within subsea technology development and engineering of large scale, complex and safety critical systems, at high pressures and temperatures. The largest member companies provide world-class products and services to the global energy market supported by a strong and diversified local supplier base.

The cluster offers a strategic collaboration platform for the member companies, including meeting places, innovation projects and access to government funding.
Subsea Valley has developed a wide range of meeting places and collaborative innovation projects, international partnerships, meeting places and collaborative events. The cluster also supports a number of national and international events as trusted partner:

  • Member meetings
  • Technical theme meetings
  • CEO forum
  • Industry Science Meetup
  • SSV Conference
  • Masterclasses
  • Speed Meet
  • OTC delegation
  • Innovation delegation
  • 3D/AM

Companies that collaborate are more innovative, more productive and more competitive.
The region has strong traditions in industrial value creation, from building ships 100 years ago to designing oil platforms 50 years ago, and creating the first subsea solutions 25 years ago. Today there is increased demand for renewable energy and sustainable solutions, as well as a trend of digital transformation. The member companies are now in a transition to utilise competence and technology in these new areas, and to win new markets the companies depend on each other.

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Subsea Valley is a subsea cluster that through collaboration increases member companies’ competitive advantage, through internationalisation and innovation. We welcome relevant new participants to the cluster.

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